Tuesday, February 26, 2008

6 Signs You Have a Healthy Betta

Here are six things to check out that would indicate a healthy betta fish.

Swims easily: Your betta should swim around naturally. If it looks like it's having a hard time then probably it's not doing well.

Shows good awareness: Does your betta respond to you outside of the tank? What about following your finger around or flaring up at it? A healthy betta fish keeps a close eye on its surroundings.

Has a healthy appetite: Bettas are eaters! They don't eat all of the time, but your fish should eat regularly and go after food.

Bright color: Whatever color your betta is should be clear. A betta that looks dull or drab isn't doing well.

Full, healthy looking fins: What does your betta's fins look like? They should be smooth and flowing. If they're torn, hanging, or have stuff on them then your betta is unhealthy.

A strong, healthy, smooth body: Your betta should be streamlined. If the scales appear ruffled or there's growths and sores on the body then treatment may be necessary.

Don't just leave your betta in a corner and feed it once in a while. Regularly inspect your betta to make sure that it's doing well. Your fish will be a lot happier and live a lot longer.


GoBragh7 said...

This was a good checklist. I have four and they all passed with flying colors :)

kay said...

Yep it was =) But I was wondering what it meant when a betta seems to be changing color? My betta started out red, but blue lines have started to appear on his body, and the bottom part of his fins. The colors don't look dull though, and on his chin, a little white space has appeared.I was wondering if you could help me? Other than that , he seems healthy.

dryan said...


Lines on the betta's body might mean that it is cold. It needs a heater in a 5 gallon tank - should be at about 78-80 degrees. Keep an eye on the white spot. If you see more he may have ich, which is easily treated if you get the right information and medication from your local aquarium or pet store.

85db0e96-c993-11e1-9b78-000f20980440 said...

is it normal for twin tail halfmoon betta male fish to stand still? With out moving for a while?